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The pages below are the beginnings of "sub-sites" that will probably contain screenshots, some reviews, actor/actress profiles, interesting facts about each movie, possibly some stories and other "goodies" from and about the various movies. The current links are just to screenshot image galleries (of which some images may be suitable for desktop wallpaper). I am trying to add more fairly often (a couple a week, time permitting). This is going to take quite a while for a one-man operation, since I have to watch all the movies again to do the screen captures, etc. All screenshots are from my DVD's and the copyright is usually owned by the movie companies. I've purchased all these films on DVD and hope that what you see here helps your purchasing decisions. The fact that I have them just shows that I love movies and the ability to watch them at my convenience - whenever and wherever I want (they are very portable). I hope none of this violates any copyright laws, if so, notify me and I'll remove the infringing objects. All I'm trying to do is share my love of movies and hope you enjoy them as much as I.
Fantasy/Science Fiction
Series (3 or more titles)
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
The Return of the King
Star Trek
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