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Since watching movies is one of my favorite pastimes, I thought it appropriate to devote this area to those I feel great interest in due to their subject matter, which, of course, is fantasy/scifi !  So - here you are. Most of the content you will find here are from my DVD's in some manner. Some are straight screenshots, but I'll slowly (even for me) be replacing/supplementing those with "manipulated" or "enhanced" versions for use as wallpapers. I've actually gotta get more comfortable with some programs (Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop/Photoimpact) first. I've also included a page devoted to some of the sites that deal with only some individual movies I've discovered are worth a visit.

Movies Index

Screenshot and wallpaper galleries
Pages containing screenshots and/or wallpapers for download

Movie Reviews

My "reviews"
My "reviews" of various movies of all genres. Since most of these are older movies, these "reviews" are really just my general opinions/reactions to the films, not in-depth critiques of filming techniques or other facets of the movie-making industry. These are plain old "gut reactions" - if I like 'em or not, you'll know why.

Movie Site Links

Links to special movie websites
Page(s) of links to sites about specific movies that I've found while touring the web. Most of these sites are about specific movies and are not necessarily "official" sites. In fact, I've tried to find the best UNofficial sites!

This site is an easy way you can find out about new DVD releases each week!

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