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These sites linked here are some of the best movie sites I've found. I'm constantly looking for sites that are more than a "background, cast, crew, story, etc.", site. The sites I look for have something "special" about them. Most of these sites are dedicated only to the one movie selected. Check out the FW Movies Index for individual movie pages and the MOVIE REVIEWS page.

IMDb top 50 SciFi Movies

IMDb Top 50 Fantasy movies

powercorps17sm.jpgThanks to Nata for this tip: Check out this site about a new upcoming movie called Power Corps. The link takes you to an interview with the filmmaker and has some pics. For all you Conan fans - this site lets you "stream" or download movies, music, has pics - an Okay site. By the way, the movies weren't all that bad. Remember, we're not really looking for Academy Award winners (though it's really GREAT when one of "our" movies gets one), just entertaining F/SF/Mythology flicks!
"Ever After" is a great rendition of the old Cinderella story.  I'm getting to think Drew Barrymore has a lot of fun making movies.  This one also features Richard O'Brien in a rather nefarious role.  I've always liked him since he was Riff Raff in "Rocky Horror Picture Show". He's also a pretty believable thief 'boss in "Dungeons & Dragons". Dougray Scott plays a good prince with just the right amount of rebelliousness.  The best scene to me is the one where she rescues him from the gypsies.  The movie is actually a pretty fun "love story". Also, watch the scene where the "rogues" (gypsies) tell her she can leave with whatever she can carry. hasn't seen "The Matrix Trilogy"? If you're here, there's a 99.5% chance you've seen all three movies. There are websites that compare the original movie to the Bible with regards to a world "savior" (We'll let you search for them yourselves), but we have to remember that regardless of any critic's (or anyone else's) "interpretation" of any film, the producers and directors are more intent on entertaining the public than "sending a message" (there are always some exceptions. This movie has already influenced others (including a parody  called "Computer Boy") and will continue to set a high standard for the special effects teams on future F/SF movies. "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" were okay to me, but it didn't seem to have the same overall impact as the original, since the original broke such new ground in special effects. That all just means I'll be one of the first in line for "Matrix Rebellion" in November! - Predators: What's the difference? Either way we (humans) are in a whirl of doodoo. We may eventually get the upper hand - but for how long? If you were as old as I am, you'd realize this was a pretty scary movie when I first saw it.  I was a pretty young kid and this was just one more reason to love science fiction.  Seems kinda hokey now, but it's still a classic. If it was produced today, you can bet there would be plenty of special effects, but you've got to remember the essence of the endeavor is to retell H.G. Wells' story. gotta see it! This spoof of "The Matrix" is a hoot.  Neo and "Mr. Smith" talk and just crack up! I found The Unofficial Home Page by accident. I enjoyed the movie & (as usual) bought the video so I could enjoy it any time I want to. Worth watching every few months or so. When I get the DVD, you'll see more about this movie here at Fictional Worlds.
This site is devoted to the trilogy and has some pretty nice stuff.  Movies were great fun. Look for pages here (we got the DVD trilogy recently) soon. All about Godzilla movies - all of them. Has pictures, film clips, sounds, etc. Another recently obtained DVD that will get "coverage" here at FW.
Dan's Wing Commander Movie Website

Another movie based on a video game.  Personally, I think it could have been a lot better.
Not really about a movie, but a really neat site about all things Tolkien. Better download Shockwave.
Go get Shockwave Site The official LOTR Browser can be downloaded here! If you want a "skinnable" browser that looks cool and is really quite functional, I suggest you try it out. I started using it at home and I really like it. "The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring" and was thoroughly entertaining. Although there were some sections of the book omitted and other areas slightly modified (after all, movies and books are entirely different media), Peter Jackson did a great job of interpreting Tolkien's work. I have no doubt the next two parts of the trilogy will follow the excellent work done in this film. I was very pleased to see 9 Academy Award nominations for the film. I think it would be great to have a Fantasy film get the Oscar for Best Picture. Only complaint I had was Frodo and Sam were too young - Frodo was supposed to be almost 50 by the time the Fellowship of the Ring was formed. He was 33 at Bilbo's "Eleventy-First" (111th) birthday, and Gandalf didn't come back for about 15 years!

Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies
Problems in Time

Time travel has been a staple in Science Fiction since H.G. Wells.  Unfortunately, much of what passes for intelligence in this area is poorly considered.
While technically not a site about a specific movie, this site is a neat one that analyzes several "Time Travel" movies in relation to "real" science, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and other factors that show what's "wrong" with the movies in question. Includes "Flight of the Navigator", the "Back to the Future", "Bill & Ted", and "Star Trek" movie series and others.

final-fantasy-aki_l.jpg"Final Fantasy The Spirits Within" was definitely a great example of what's coming in movies.  I think there will be many more that are completely CGI.  Just if/when the need for voice-over actors will change is probably going to end up in some court.  By the way, I liked the movie. Another site. Also check out the FW "FF-TSW" pages. Joshua - wanna play a little game of Tic Tac Toe? - I liked Matthew Broderick in this one better than anything except "Ladyhawke". Even though it may be "dated" today, it still has the subtle (?!?) message of telling us to watch out for technology.
SITE RING DEVOTED TO BUCKAROO BANZAIGo beyond the "fifth dimension". As usual, Peter Weller shows us a capable hero. The fun is with his "sidekicks", such as Jeff Goldblum.  Great music, too. Jane Fonda in an adaptation of a French comic book series, it incorporated some of the psychedelia of the times. is by far one of the neatest ideas ever made into a movie. We're all F/SF fans and Star Trek put us in "hog heaven". This movie is a spoof with a touch of possible realism in that nobody's as much of a jerk as they seem. Check out the Galaxy Quest pages here at FW. The Princess BrideAHHHHH! Who doesn't want to be the hero? Yes - it is a love story, but how many love stories do you know contain giant screaming eels, giants who love rhymes, and a prince named "Humperdink"? don't know anything about "Shadow Moon", but WILLOW is a favorite. The characters are all believable and fun. Val Kilmer does a great job as Madmartigan Warwick Davis is absolutely superb as Willow. THE ABYSSIf you haven't seen the "Special Edition", you haven't seen the whole story! Another case of someone didn't think the public would sit through an extra 20 minutes. Don't miss the "extended" version.

This is one of my favorite movies, period! There's not much better when it comes to Arthurian legend. Though pretty gory and not a good idea for very young children, it's still a great flick. definitive Superman movie (in my opinion). Christopher Reeve gives true life to a character who has been passed through generations as one of the last true defenders of "truth, justice, and the "American way". The first two movies were really supposed to be one movie, but the "powers" that define what we moviegoers see decided that we wouldn't sit through a 3 1/2- or 4-hour movie, so they split "Superman" into two movies. Personally, I believe they truly underestimate the perseverance of Fantasy/Science Fiction fans. If the movie is good, we'll line up for blocks and sit through six hours - provided the movie is true to the story we all know. Unfortunately, the Superman sites I used to have links to are gone now.
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