Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
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Aki - in her dream (FW original anigif)
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01Aki.jpg (43744 bytes)
Aki is searching for "spirits"
02Aki.jpg (43707 bytes)
Aki is searching for "spirits"
03Aki.jpg (47073 bytes)
Aki in her ship
04Aki.jpg (45548 bytes)
05search.jpg (49481 bytes)
Aki found one of the "spirits"
06Gray_being_healed.jpg (62923 bytes)
Gray needs medical attention
07Ryan-Jane-Neil.jpg (46256 bytes)
Ryan, Jane & Neil
08Aki-dream.jpg (95626 bytes)
Aki dreams
09Aki-dream.jpg (92157 bytes)
Aki dreams
10Aki-dream.jpg (93205 bytes)
Aki dreams
11Aki-dream.jpg (70337 bytes)
Aki dreams
12Aki-dream.jpg (87877 bytes)
Aki dreams