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Divine Divinity Index (divinity_logo-s.jpg)DIVINE DIVINITY (Review - sort of):
I bought Divine Divinity quite a while ago but never really got down to playing it.  I finally started about a week or so ago (mid-June) and had a little trouble getting started 'cause I couldn't find the booklet that comes with the game.  I just had to "jump in" and discover everything from scratch.  I'm not one to try cheats and walkthroughs - after all, most of the fun of a game is discovering what's going on.  Well, I've played Diablo, Hellfire, Diablo II and the Expansion and as far as I'm concerned, "DivDiv" is more fun.  For one thing, you can save anytime during the game.  So, if you "mess up" a quest, you can go back and "do it right".  And quests there are!  I'm a level 24 Mage and have about 30 quests I've yet to fulfill, with more being added virtually every time I sit down to play.  Unlike the Diablo series, you can take the quests in any order - in fact, some of them are encountered way before you're "strong" enough to complete them!  So --- you build up and try them again later.  In the meantime, you get new quests!  I highly recommend the game.  Check out the characters in the Anigifs Galleries and be sure to visit the Larian website and click on Divine Divinity.  It's a big game and I've spent quite a few hours' worth of time on it (sometimes an hour at a time - sometimes 5 or 6) trying for the "perfect game" (no unfinished or "unsolved" quests).  I've also noticed the price is falling.  If you like a good RPG "dungeon crawler", you'll enjoy Divine Divinity (don't let the name fool you).  I'm hoping to get permission from Larian to create a special Divine Divinity section here at Fictional Worlds.  More news as soon as I've heard from them.   All images on this site relating to Divine Divinity are Copyright 2001 Larian Studios. All rights reserved.

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