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Beyond Divinity Feature List

Main Features

A deep and detailed storyline filled with plot twists and over 300 sub-quests.
New style of gameplay featuring the unique summoning dolls and total party control using a more intuitive and advanced combat system.
Simple, intuitive controls even for complex actions.
Complete and accurate diary including two automaps – one small overlaid map containing tactical info and one large map containing the entire world.
High object interactivity including the ability to combine objects with each other in a seamless world.
An open, free and deep character development system with over 30 character traits.
More than 290 skills to learn including advanced alchemy, craftsmanship, trap creation, nature & weather magic, equipment embellishing etc…
Over 300 equipment classes and plenty of unique items.
Over 140 different npc & monster classes.
More than 600 different NPC to interact with.
Dialogs written by Rhianna Pratchett.
A completely new sound-track composed by Kirill Pokrovski, winner of IGN’s 2002 “Outstanding achievement in music” award and Gamespot’s runner up for “Best music of the year” 2002 award.
Updated graphics engine including real time 3D characters and monsters together with support for higher resolutions. Players can now zoom in on the action. 

Upgrades to the Divinity engine

Updated graphics engine including real time 3D characters with support for DX9 & higher resolutions
Real time generation of dungeons, maps and quests
Total party control
Next generation character development system with new skills, attributes and advanced character customization options
The ability to zoom in/out
A brand new combat system
Much larger monster variations
Fully spoken dialogues
Total character customization
Advanced magical effects
New reputation system
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