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Tom Welling - "Clark Kent"
"Clark Kent"
Kristin Kreuk - "Lana Lang"
"Lana Lang"
Michael Rosenbaum - "Lex Luthor"
"Lex Luthor"
Sam Jones III - "Pete Ross"
"Pete Ross"
Allison Mack - "Chloe Sullivan"
"Chloe Sullivan"
John Glover - "Lionel Luthor"
"Lionel Luthor"
Anette O'Toole - "Martha Kent"
"Martha Kent"
John Schneider - "Jonathon Kent"
"Jonathon Kent"
Season Three
Episode 3.01 - "Exile"Episode 3.01: Exile - Stophim at your own risk. Trying to escape his destiny, Clark lives a life of robberies and raves in Metropolis. Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise: plane-crash survivor Lex is stranded on a tropical isle. Original Airdate: 10/1/03 Episode 3.02: Phoenix - Clark returns home, thanks to the love and determination of Jonathan. But Morgan Edge still expects Clark to follow through on their deal. Lex is home, too. And it's payback time for whoever set him up. Original Airdate: 10/8/03
Episode 3.03: Extinction - Clark returns to work at the Torch and pieces together a story about a killer who targets people affected by meteor rocks. On the assassin's hit list: Lex... and Clark. And he even has an arsenal of kryptonite bullets. Original Airdate: 10/15/03 Episode 3.04: Slumber - Why is Clark dreaming about someone he's never met? A comrade teen seeks Clark's help by entering his dreams. But where she goes, her fearsome nightmare soon follows. Original Airdate: 10/22/03
Episode 3.05: Perry - An advance man for a tabloid news show about meteor-rock incidents senses rocks aren't the real story in Smallville - and his eyes confirm it when he accidentally witnesses Clark's powers. The reporter's name: Perry White. Original Airdate: 10/29/03 Episode 3.06: Relic - A decades-old newspaper sketch of a drifter suspected of murder looks strangely like Clark. Clark investigates the story and finds a strange medallion that allows him to see past events. Original Airdate: 11/5/03
Episode 3.07: -Magnetic - It's a lot more than animal magnetism! A student uses his newlt acquired magnetic powers to disrupt Lana's electrohcemical system and make her fall madly - perhaps murderously- in love with him. Original Airdate: 11/12/03 Episode 3.08: Shattered - Is Lex losing it? He may be acting erratically lately but, with help from Clark, he tries to convince all that he's sane. Plus: a brush with death causes Lana to decide that a romance with Clark is too dangerous. Original Airdate: 11/19/03
Episode 3.09: Asylum - Belle Reve Sanitarium: a nice place to visit... NOT! Clark's bold attempt to rescue Lex from electroshock therapy puts him in a renewed conflict with past foes. Lana meets Adam - and the sparks are mutual. Original Airdate: 1/14/04 Episode 3.10: Whisper - He's sightless, but not powerless. Clark, blinded by an accident involving his heat-vision skills, must rely on and develop his newly discovered powers of hearing to locate and rescue his kidnapped friend Pete. Original Airdate: 1/21/04
Episode 3.11: Delete - Lana goes ninja. Amiable Martha and Jonathon become tag-team assassins. Clark turns his pickup into a two-ton weapon. What's causing them to do this? And why are they all targeting Chloe? Original Airdate: 1/28/04 Episode 3.12: Hereafter - A new student is able to glimpse the future, and what he forsees for Lana is horrifying. Two and two don't equal four when it comes to Adam and his mysterious musical, martial arts and computer talents. Original Airdate: 2/4/04
Episode 3.13: Velocity - Liar, stealer, cheater: Clark Kent. Pete's illegal street racing puts him in gambling debt and puts Clark in a dilemma over how far he'll go to help his pal. Adam has tears of blood and a dire warning for Lana. Original Airdate: 2/11/04 Episode 3.14: Obsession - A Student who witnesses Clark's remarkable powers has her own extraordinary power. She can teleport herself, and she's so smitten with Clark she uses that power constantly to pop up unannounced next to him. Original Airdate: 2/18/04
Episode 3.15: Resurrection - While Jonathon undergoes open-heart surgery, a bomb-strapped youth whose brother needs a new liver takes over the hospital. His demand: Jonathon's liver. Original Airdate: 2/25/04 Episode 3.16: Crisis - A phone rings, Clark answers and Lana's voice cries out. She's in danger - but the call comes not from the present, but from the future. Can fate be cheated? Can the future be altered? If not, Lana will die. Original Airdate: 3/3/04
Episode 3.17: Legacy - Lionel plunges deeper into his obsessive quest, Jonathon receives unsettling messages from Jor-El, and the man who can help Clark understand the events swirling around him is billionaire scientist Virgil Swann. Original Airdate: 4/14/04 Episode 3.18: Truth - An incident at LuthorCorp's Smallville plant leaves Chloe with a power that is a reporter's dream and everyone elses nightmare - she can compell anyone to tell her the truth. Original Airdate: 4/21/04
Episode 3.19: Memoria - The past is prologue. Key events in Lex and Clark's respective histories come to the forefront when each - Lex willingly and Clark unwillingly - undergoes a risky Summerholt Institute memory-recovery treatment. Original Airdate: 4/28/04 Episode 3.20: Talisman - An ancient "star blade" found in the Kawatche Cave gives absolute power to its possessor... and it corrupts absolutely. But it also brings to light a prophecy about who is the archenemy of "star man" Clark Kent. Original Airdate: 5/5/04
Episode 3.21: Forsaken - Is honesty the best policy for Clark? Hoping to convince Lana to stay, he decides to reveal his secret to her. Chloe provides Lex with evidence that could put Lionel on trial for murder. Original Airdate: 5/12/04 Episode 3.22: Covenant - An alluring stranger with awesome powers says she's from Krypton and wants Clark to join her in reestablishing the Kryptonian race. Lionel is in the penitentiary, but may now be manipulating events in even deadlier ways. Original Airdate: 5/19/04
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