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Tom Welling - "Clark Kent"
"Clark Kent"
Kristin Kreuk - "Lana Lang"
"Lana Lang"
Michael Rosenbaum - "Lex Luthor"
"Lex Luthor"
Sam Jones III - "Pete Ross"
"Pete Ross"
Allison Mack - "Chloe Sullivan"
"Chloe Sullivan"
John Glover - "Lionel Luthor"
"Lionel Luthor"
Anette O'Toole - "Martha Kent"
"Martha Kent"
John Schneider - "Jonathon Kent"
"Jonathon Kent"
Season Two
2.01-Vortex2.01 "Vortex"
Is it the powerful wind that lifts Clark during a dramatic airborne rescue of Lana? Or does Clark tap into an unknown super power? A snoopy reporter meets a sudden end... and a certain secret dies with him.
2.02-Heat2.02 "heat"
Clark's emerging power of heat vision may be too hot to handle - it's triggered by thoughts of sex! He'll need to cool his jets to thwart an alluring new biology teacher who has an overwhelming power over her man.
2.03-Duplicity2.03 "Duplicity
Clark reveals his secret to his best friend after Pete discovers the spaceship. But knowing the truth makes Pete more than a participant in Clark's adventures: it also puts him in harms' way.
2.04-Red2.04 "Red"
Lana is attracted to a leather-wearing biker dude who attends Smallville High. The guy's name: Clark Kent! He's undergone a dangerous transformation, and Pete and Jonathon are scrambling to discover why.
2.07-Lineage2.07 "Lineage"
If she's Clark's mother, Lex is his half-brother! A woman claiming to be Clark's biological mother sparks a revisiting of events that brought Clark to Smallville and mysteriously linked the Kent and Luthor families.
2.05-Nocturne2.05 "Nocturne"
The poems a secret admirer leaves for Lana are heartfelt and eloquent, but are they harmless? Perhaps not when the writer is a reclusive youth who mysteriously turns monstrous when forced into the light of day.
2.06-Redux2.06 "Redux"
Clark and Lana are confronted with family secrets from the past. And a spirited cheerleader has a secret of her own: she's a geriatric fiend who hides her age by sucking the youthfulness out of teens.
2.08-Ryan 2.08 "Ryan"
Clark uses his powers to free his young mind-reading friend Ryan. But Ryan's plight leads Clark to realize there are some things even a fledgling superhero can't do.
2.09-Dichotic2.09 "Dichotic"
Clark has his suspicions when an overachieving student goes on a date with Lana and Chloe at the same time. Meanwhile, Lex meets his future wife in anger management class.
2.10-Skinwalker 2.10 "Skinwalker"
He fell to Earth in a meteor shower. Shoots fire from his eyes. Sound like anyone you know? The story told in ancient cave drawings may relate to Clark's destiny and his new romance with a lovely Native American.
2.11-Visage2.11 "Visage"
Just when things are getting better between Lana and Clark, along comes ex-boyfriend and Marine recruit Whitney. But there's something about Whitney that doesn't seem right to Clark.
2.12-Insurgence 2.12 "Insurgence"
There's only one way into the sealed-off Metropolis tower where Lionel and Martha held captive at gunpoint, and that's to leap 200 feet from the adjacent Daily Planet building. This sounds like a job for - wait: can youthful Clark really accomplish such an incredible feat?
2.13-Suspect 2.13 "Suspect"
So many suspects, so little time. More than one person had the opportunity and motive to shoot Lionel Luthor, but the prime suspect is Clark's dad.
2.14-Rush 2.14 "Rush"
Chloe goes wild. Pete goes bad. Clark goes along with the whole, nonstop party when Pete slips a certain red k ring into his pal's pocket.
2.15-Prodigal 2.15 "Prodigal"
Lex locates half-brother Lucas in order to get enough votes to oust Lionel from the corporation. Lionel feigns blindness to his advantage. And Lucas may have an agenda entirely his own.
2.16-Fever 2.16 "Fever"
Martha is pregnant, but there's no joy when that news comes with the realization that she may be dying of exposure to meteor dust. Lana and Chloe examine their feelings for Clark after he is similarly stricken.
2.17-Rosetta 2.17 "Rosetta"
Determined to find out where he came from, Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve), a brilliant scientist who possesses a message for Clark from his home planet.
2.18-Visitor 2.18 "Visitor"
Perhaps Clark is not alone on planet Earth. A student with unusual interests and powers believes he's an alien - and he wants Clark to help him return to his far-off homeworld.
2.19-Precipice 2.19 "Precipice"
Clark must do community service and his family is slapped with a lawsuit after he roughs up men who hassled Lana. Lex tries to protect Helen from a deranged former boyfriend.
2.20-Witness 2.20 "Witness"
Thugs who gain enormous strength by inhaling kryptonite mist leave Clark feeling powerless when they attack Jonathon and Martha. Lionel has a manipulative offer for Chloe.
2.21-Accelerate 2.21 "Accelerate"
Years ago, a terrible accident took Lana's childhood friend Emily. But now a ghostly Emily resurfaces in Lana's life, and the secret to the little girl's renewed existence lies in the laboratories of Lionel Luthor.
2.22-Calling 2.22 "Calling"
The specialist hired to interpret the Smallville cave pictographs acquires astonishing powers and a new mission: kill Clark! Helen and Lana both have doubts about their relationships with the men in their lives.
2.23-Exodus 2.23 "Exodus"
Clark will go with Lana or without her. But he's leaving Smallville for keeps. The fledgling superhero turns his back on family, friends and destiny after his decision to destroy the spaceship brings unintended tragedy.
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