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Tom Welling - "Clark Kent"
"Clark Kent"
Kristin Kreuk - "Lana Lang"
"Lana Lang"
Michael Rosenbaum - "Lex Luthor"
"Lex Luthor"
Sam Jones III - "Pete Ross"
"Pete Ross"
Allison Mack - "Chloe Sullivan"
"Chloe Sullivan"
John Glover - "Lionel Luthor"
"Lionel Luthor"
Anette O'Toole - "Martha Kent"
"Martha Kent"
John Schneider - "Jonathon Kent"
"Jonathon Kent"
Season One
Episode 1.01 - "Pilot"1.01 "Pilot"
Rescue Lex, avoid Lana's killer green necklace, stop an avenging scarecrow man and don't reveal your powers to anyone. Who says being a teen hero is easy? Clark also learns he's not exactly from the neighborhood.
Episode 1.02 - "Metamorphosis"1.02 "Metamorphosis"
Is Lana fated to a cocoon of doom? A nerdish bug collector is transformed into a monster by the irradiated bugs of Smallville - and he wants Lana for his bug-world queen.
Episode 1.03- "Hothead"1.03 "Hothead"
He has a burning desire for victory! A win-at-any-cost football coach turns deadly when unexpected exposure to Kryptonite gives him the power to cause his critics to be engulfed in flames.
Episode 1.04 - "X-Ray"1.04 "X-Ray"
Clark is startled to discover he has the power of X-ray vision - a power that may be useful when he confronts a changeling-like student who can take on the appearance and emotional traits of anyone.
Epidoe 10.5 - "Cool"1.05 "Cool"
He's the coolest guy in school - and a stone-cold danger to everyone he meets. A fall into ice, Kryptonite-laced Crater Lake turns a student into a hypothermic monster who seeks to rob others of their body heat.
1.06 "Hourglass"
A plunge into Kryptonite-infused waters acts like a fountain of youth for a retirement home resident, who is restored to the murderous ways of his sinister past. A fortune-teller foresees Lex in the oval office.
Episode 1.07 - "Craving"1.07 "Craving"
A teen's amazingly successful weight-loss regimen gives her a crazed hunger for high-fat munchies! So she munches on a deer here, a boyfriend there - she's a fat-sucking fiend and a menace to all Smallville!
Episode 1.08 - "Jitters"1.08 "Jitters"
an ex-LuthorCorp employee insists that the spasmodic rages that sometimes grip him are the result of an incident that occurred on the plant's secret Level 3. But if there is a Level 3, why doesn't Lex know anything about it?
Episode 1.09 - "Rogue"1.09 "Rogue"
The secret is out - perhaps. Clark performs a lifesaving act of superheroism, thinking there are no witnesses. But a nearby cop sees everything, and he has blackmail in mind.
Episode 1.10 - "Shimmer"1.10 "Shimmer"
A servant is supposed to be invisible to his employers. But someone at Lex's mansion takes that axiom literally when he uses an invisibility potion to cloak himself during a manor-wide terror spree.
Episode 1.11 - "Hug"1.11 "Hug"
His Kryptonite-infused handshake seals the deal! A manipulative, wheeler-dealer entrepreneur exerts a mysterious power over Smallville residents - and even convinces Clark's dad to sell the family farm.
Episode 1.12 - "Leech"1.12 "Leech" 
Let's see how the other 99.99999% live. After a fluke lightning strike, Clark experiences the joys and pains of a normal human existence, and a classmate suddenly has the powers once wielded by Clark.
Episode 1.13 - "Kinetic"1.13 "Kinetic"
Whitney falls in with the wrong crowd - ex-jocks turned thieves whose Kryptonite-saturated tattoos alter their molecular structure so that they can pass through walls... and rob banks and Lex's mansion with ease.
Episode 1.14 - "Zero" 1.14 "Zero"
A nemesis presumed to be dead for three years resurfaces in Smallville and stalks Lex. Chloe uncovers intriguing information about Clark's adoption.
Episode 1.15 - "Nicodemus"1.15 "Nicodemus"
Jonathon turns against his son, Lana becomes a sexy flirt and Pete sets out to settle a score with Lex. They all exhibit unusual behavior after coming into contact with a strange, toxic flower - and there appears to be no antidote to the flower's poison.
Episode 1.16 - "Stray"1.16 "Stray"
A child who can read minds escapes his cruel parents and finds happiness with the Kents. But that joy may be brief when his parents come looking for the boy so they can use his psychic gifts in a life of crime.
Episode 1.17 - "Reaper"1.17 "Reaper"
Angel of mercy or death? After a Kryptonite-related incident gives a young man the ability to kill via mere touch, he sets out to use his newfound power on people who are gravely ill.
Episode 1.18 - "Drone"1.18 "Drone"
Running on a platform of "truth, justice and... other stuff," Clark vies for class president. But a beekeeping rival contender vows Clark and the other aspirants will feel the sting of her candidacy.
Episode 1.19 - "Crush"1.19 "Crush"
After a hit-and-run accident that destroys his drawing hand, a cartoonist is left with bitterness, pain... and an unexpected gift of telekinesis that he turns into an instrument of revenge.
Episode 1.20 - "Obscura"1.20 "Obscura"
Lana has eerie visions involving a kidnapping of Chloe. Lex's ongoing inquiry into the mystery surrounding Clark takes an intriguing turn when a crop duster reveals what he saw fall from the sky during the Smallville meteor shower.
Episode 1.21 - "Tempest"1.21 "Tempest"
A reporter closes in on Clark's secret: Chloe may depart Smallville: LuthorCorp is forced to close. At least the school dance will provide carefree moments for Clark and his friends. Then the twister hits.