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Tom Welling - "Clark Kent"
"Clark Kent"
Kristin Kreuk - "Lana Lang"
"Lana Lang"
Michael Rosenbaum - "Lex Luthor"
"Lex Luthor"
Sam Jones III - "Pete Ross"
"Pete Ross"
Allison Mack - "Chloe Sullivan"
"Chloe Sullivan"
John Glover - "Lionel Luthor"
"Lionel Luthor"
Anette O'Toole - "Martha Kent"
"Martha Kent"
John Schneider - "Jonathon Kent"
"Jonathon Kent"
These are a few of the smaller animated gifs I made from some of the episodes. I'll be adding more from time to time, as well as some larger ones that will have to be on separate pages. You'll only find them here at Fictional Worlds!
Approach (736.06 kb)
Meteors (113.19 kb)
Lana (71.10 kb)
Clark begins his final approach prior to his arrival on our earth. However, Clark doesn't arrive alone, he brings some of his home planet with him (well where did you think Kryptonite came from?!) Unfortuanely, Clark's arrival was a disaster for poor little Lana Lang.
Crash (169.72 kb)
Rescue (396.99 kb)
Payback (156.18 kb)
Just standing here mulling things over when all of a sudden... If I don't get this fellow out of here, he will surely die Some people get miffed when you stake them out in a cornfield all night...
Insurgence (161.28 kb)
more coming soon! Skinwalker
Skinwalker (193.34)
Large Animated Gifs
These are links to special animated gifs of larger file- and/or image-size that I've created from DVD images. They open in "draggable" pop-up windows  and may take a while to load if you're on a modem. You can move them around with a left-click on your mouse.
insurgence-jump.gif (956.60 kb) wakeship_large.gif (755.30 kb) shipon_big.gif (1.17 mb)
plug_in.gif (103.51 kb) message.gif (162.05 kb) ship.gif (319.02 kb)
1.21awake.gif (2.37 mb) morph.gif (2.17 mb) sucktruck.gif (1.38 mb)
rescue.gif (2.77 mb) chloe.gif (1088 mb) tornadoship.gif (1.79 mb)