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Tom Welling - "Clark Kent"
"Clark Kent"
Kristin Kreuk - "Lana Lang"
"Lana Lang"
Michael Rosenbaum - "Lex Luthor"
"Lex Luthor"
Sam Jones III - "Pete Ross"
"Pete Ross"
Allison Mack - "Chloe Sullivan"
"Chloe Sullivan"
John Glover - "Lionel Luthor"
"Lionel Luthor"
Anette O'Toole - "Martha Kent"
"Martha Kent"
John Schneider - "Jonathon Kent"
"Jonathon Kent"
This is the "base" Smallville page. Not all episodes have great images still shots, so there aren't as many images as others. All images and plot synopses are from Smallville Season DVD's and therefore I mention the following: SMALLVILLE, SUPERMAN, DC BULLET LOGO and All Related Characters and Elements are Trademarks of and © DC Comics. ©2004 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. I take no credit for anything except creating the animated gifs. I will (eventually) be creating some Smallville wallpapers, which will most likely be widescreen versions (1440x900) and actor/actress info pages along with other "goodies" from time to time. I STRONGLY encourage you to buy the season DVD's if you're true fans of the show - it's the best way to watch (no commercials) and there are special features in the DVD sets, including deleted scenes of some episodes, commentaries, and more, that are not (or should not be) available anywhere else.