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NOTE: This page contains spoilers that allow "cheats" in the game.  There are also some great hints and lists of things that are essential to getting the most out of the game.  Divine Divinity is a great game, but there are some areas that seem abnormally hard to figure out without help.  Also, there are some neat little cheats and tricks that can make it a bit (or a lot) easier to play the game.  I find myself using some of the cheats in one game to find out other goodies.  Then, knowing what I've learned, I play without cheats, but because I know where things are or what to do, the game doesn't take quite so long - that doesn't mean it's not still fun to play!!!  This page starts with helpful hints and then begins to give spoilers.  If you don't want to know too much - don't read too far and DON'T visit the Walkthrough Page here at Fictional Worlds!!  Also, the best place to find info regarding the game is the forum at the Larian home page (opens in new window). This page will be added to as new things are discovered.
General Gameplay Hints
DON'T LIMIT YOUR CHARACTER: There are skills for each type of character that are essential to getting the most out of the game and for solving all of the quests.  You MUST have certain skills to solve certain quests. See the Divine Divinity - Skills pages for tips on skills for each of the "Ways".
"ALT" KEY:  When you're just running around in the wilderness, hold down your ALT key to highlight items that might be stashed away behind bushes or trees. I've run across about 10 potions and a lot of gold piles just sitting underneath a tree, but you can't see them if you're just running by.
BASE: The best place to set up a "Base of Operations" is near the "ARS MAGICANA" teleporter.  Geoff, the merchant armorer, has the most money (he also replenishes it, although sometimes you may have to wait a while or gain a level before he has enough to buy your wares).  Before you find all the scrolls, I'd recommend leaving a teleport pyramid near the store so you can repair items, get them identified, or buy new items.  Also, visit the wizard Kistandaliusfrequently, as he will have charms for sale - some of them are very good, but they cost a lot!  (See "money" cheat)
"CTRL" KEY: If you start to get surrounded by enemies, use the CTRL key while holding your cursor over your character - you will automatically attack the closest enemy.  This is a good time to have at least a level 1 Lightning spell, Freeze spell, or Meteorstrike spell to help you rid yourself of enemies quickly.
"COLD" WEAPONS:  Any weapons that have COLD damage will FREEZE opponents when you hit them... combine that with Poison and you can take out much larger groups just by whacking each monster frozen while the poison takes over. You can hit one monster after another and soon you have 5 frozen Orcs simultaneously dying from poison. It's even better when you have the STUN skill.
MOVE ITEMS:  Due to the high level of item interaction, some puzzles or quests require you to move boxes and stuff around to reveal a secret hatch, door or lever. If you ever see a bunch of stuff (boxes or such) piled up, chances are that there's something underneath or hidden by them, just grab them and move them aside. There might be the key that you are looking for.
PICK UP CERTAIN ITEMS:  You can actually pick up CHESTS or BARRELS by dragging them into your inventory window.... then place them at your home base so you can stash loot in them. Also any CHESTS that you can't pick lock or open now, just take them to your home base so you can deal with them later.
POISON:  Even one level of Poison is REALLY handy. It even helps you run away sometimes because a monster that's been poisoned can't move that fast, they sort of move around in a very jerky motion as the poison is working.
READ BOOKS & MANUSCRIPTS:  Make sure to at least click on the books and manuscripts lying around, I've found a few puzzles where the big clues are found in manuscripts or books nearby.
Read your journal:  It seems obvious but it's not really... the journal actually contains hints that you may not have picked up during your conversations with NPCs.
Don't sweat it if you can't figure something out... go explore for a bit, there's tons of quests and things to do in the world of Divinity. Make sure to mark in on your map so you can come back later.
Definitely DON'T DO IT tips
Don't enter Commander Ralph's room. He'll kick you out and lock the door breaking a quest. A big one! 
Don't use the key for the Gardens on the Graveyard first. It causes a break by not then working for the Gardens!
Don't open any one of the four tombs in the holy weapon secret room. It breaks a very hard to complete quest!
Don't kill the assassin before finding the clues (corpses) at the burning wagon and the secret hideaway there; you'll bust the quest! 
Don't get the Sword from the Stone and then leave the Dark woods, when you return almost every living thing, including the elves will be dead!
Don't hit the gong before finishing all your open quests, you won't be able to go back after that!
Don't go beyond this point unless you want "cheats"


Portable Beds

In a house near the abbey you can find a portable bed. You're able to move it to your inventory and place it where you can return for rest or just carry it (it has no weight) and use it in an area clear of enemies.  
You can also get a couple of bales of straw (easily found in the Farmlands - especially since there is a large group of straw bales "hiding" the Farmlands teleporter) which will become hay when you spread them on the ground, making a bed that you can reuse.  Don't get two bales of the same "type" of straw, that is, get them so they won't "stack" in your inventory.  If one is standing, get another that is laying down or "leaning".  When you take one out of your inventory, click on it and it will "unroll" to become hay.  Laying another bale of straw on the first pile of hay will create a bed.

Where to learn Skills for "Free"

Trader's Tongue: In the Blue Boar Inn at the bar you will find a man named EL'GAMMON. If you talk to him he will try to sell you useless goods. Buy all of them until he doesn't have any left and then talk to him again
Trader's Tongue: 3 books in the Merchant guild library.   1st book: bottom left-hand room, middle table.   2nd book: on top of bookshelf in north part of same room.   3rd book: northwest door, behind one of the covered chairs near the north wall
Identify item: gained from doing the broken wheel quest for the stuck cart drivers
Alchemy: do easy quest for the alchemist in the dark forest
Restoration: learn from Goemoe in Aleroth after you heal both sick soldiers and learn from the statue in Nericon's garden after answering its riddles
Lock pick: learn from Rob after joining thieves' guild
Lock pick: talk to the guy in the thieves' guild base, take him on the bet, and unlock four doors, which requires you have 4 Lockpick. Talk to him again, and he is impressed, and will teach you one level of lock pick, so you can open the last and fifth door which needs Level 5 Lockpick skill.
Aura of command: side with the bees when you go to retrieve the imp council member
Demon summoning: See Corrinna the Summoner in Verdistis
Bless: Save the kid from Vampire in the Dark Cave, then help Knight fighting Trolls
Restoration: Tell Mardeneus who killed George and why

Using Charm Enchantments

If you collect a lot of enchantments, and you can only enchant one gem spot, click the item you want to enchant several times. Fill them all one by one, and then close them. This way I made a sword with over 20 enchantments. - In the last part of the game two vendors offer gold versions, it could be a good idea to save some spots for those.

"Money" (and other "Goodies") Cheat   (MAJOR CHEAT) 

For this cheat (all except gold) you should either carry nothing with weight or have a few strength potions.  Read on to see why...   You can gain as much gold or as many potions or other items as you want/need.  As long as you have more than one of any "stackable" item (gold, potions, spidertraps, death scorpions, etc.) you can reproduce them effortlessly.  Open your inventory and left-click on an item.  Before putting it on the ground, hold down the control (CTRL) key - a popup box will come on where you select the number of items to drop.  If you clear the box and put in "-1" (no quotes), you will have 1 less item in your inventory, however, there will be 255 on the ground!!!  Be sure you have enough strength to pick them up!  One of the first things to dupe should be strength potions, so you can take several prior to picking up the heavier things you may duplicate.  Then you can put them down in separate stacks (20 or so seems to be a good number) to make your "Stash" manageable.  Remember that death scorpions are not light and carrying too many will make it hard to carry anything else (they are very valuable in MANY situations).  For gold, I have found several "best" numbers to use (-10000 = 55792) (-5000 = 60972) (-500 = 65292) , since this will put a LOT of gold pieces on the ground to pick up and add in your inventory!  Try different numbers and see what you get!! Anything other than gold, don't use more than -1 or you probably won't be able to pick it up!

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