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As well as improving your character's attributes to make him or her stronger, you also need to learn new skills and spells to help defend yourself and attack with power. Each of the character types has a skill set that is geared to the three professions. These skill sets are known as Ways.

Whatever your chosen profession, you begin the game with two level 1 skills from your profession's skill set.

Using skills: There are two types of skills in the game, Active and Passive.
     Active skills require Mana to use. To use an active skill, select the skill you want to use in the "Browse Skills" menu, then just right-click on the target to activate the skill.
     Passive skills are on all the time, there is no need to activate them.

Some skills such as Repair, Lockpick, and Pickpocket require you to right-click, THEN select a target. Restoration is always targeted on your character no matter where the cursor is. To use Enchant Weapon, you just have to left-click on the item you want to apply charms to.

To use skills you must first spend skill points to obtain them. Go into your "Skill" menu and select the skill in which you want you want to spend a point. Then click on the check box and you will gain a skill level in the skill you selected.

Click on the images below to visit the page explaining each character type's skills tree.

I can tell you from experience that you will need skills from all three character types to solve all the quests and make the most out of your Divine Divinity Gaming experience. I have indicated what I believe to be the most essential skills to have for any character you play as on each skill page.

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