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As a result of my being made more aware of copyright concerns, I had removed all artist works unless I had express written permission for the use of the images or they were personally submitted to me for exhibition here, however, I've found that by keeping the links active, I get more communication with the artists. So, I have reactivated all links. I apologize to the artists whose works may have been posted in error, any will permanently remove any work you do not want shown.
To the viewers of this site: I will be changing this site to insure it reflects and honors all copyright provisions regarding all images used on this site with greater diligence than previously shown. Please bear with me as I hope that such efforts will improve the site. Thank you all. The artists in bold type have expressly given me permission to exhibit their work and some have told me they will add to those shown here. Since I have communicated with some of them, those pages will usually have more information, including some biographical data, maybe some personal insights, & links to their sites (if they have a site).
All images are copyright by the listed artists. If you would like to show your artwork here, or have it removed, please contact me. Please respect all artists' properties by acknowledgment if you copy any images for use on your site! Some pages will not allow "right-click" saving at the request of the artist. Please do not copy those images without contacting the artist!

I am currently very slowly updating all site pages, so navigation may be a little goofy at times. Hopefully this will all be resolved by the end of the year (re-posted Nov. 07, 2006)
A    Achilleos, Chris | Anderson, Craig W. L. | Anderson, David Lee | Ashley, David | Austin, Alicia | Azpiri, Alfonso
B    Barr, George | Barr, Ken | Bartrop, Richard | Bell, Julie | Berkey, John | Berndt, Gabriele | Beveridge, James F. | Blevins, Neil | Bourne, Adrian | Bowerman, Steven | Brockschmidt, Kevin | Brom | Brown, Amy | Brunner, Frank | Butler, Gail | Buziak, Cari 
C    Cabral, Ciruelo | Caldwell, Clyde | Campbell, Russell D. | Clark, Alan M. | Cleavinger, Dorian | Corben, Richard  
D    D'Alessio, Charlene | Davis, Gary | Dean, Roger | DiFate, Vincent | Doten, Jeff | Durlyn
E    Easley, Jeff | Eggleton, Bob | Elmore, Larry | Engel, Baron | Escher, M. C.
F    Fabian, Stephen | Fahnestalk, Lynne Taylor | Faltermeyer, Kelley | Ferrari, Mark J. | Field, Fred | Frazetta, Frank | Freas, Kelly   
G    Garlick, Mark | Gheen, Rhonda | Giger, H.R. | Goodwin, Lynne | Goodwin, Michael C. | Gray, John R.
H    Hanson, Cristina "Smudge" | Healy, Cora Lee | Hernandez, Richard | Herring, Douglas | Hickman, Stephen | Hildebrandt, Greg & Tim | Hobbs, Bob | Hunt, Jonathon & Lisa
I    Innes, Matthew D.| Irwin, Jane | Kirwan, James | Kleinbergen, A.
J    Jael
K    Keith, Doug| Kelly, Ken
L    Lacquement, Julia | Lake, Lissanne | Lancaster, K. C. | Lee, Alan | Lee, April | Livingstone, Monika | Lockwood, Todd | Lunzer, Tom
M    Mandrachio, Richard | Martin, David | Mathis, Ross | Matthews, Rodney | McAndrews, Matt | Milliorn, Thomas | Mitchell, Ellissa H. | Mohr, RandyMorrill, Rowena| Mott, Betsy | Murray, Pam
N    Neilson, IngridNordgulen, CherylNormand, Jean-Pierre
P    Parkinson, Keith
R    Roach, Kitty - AniGifs | Roland, Mark | Royo, Luis | Rufo, Leonardo D.
S    Salzmann, Irene | Sasang, Nami | Seed, Lee | Sies, John L. | Snellings, Lisa | Spacil, David | Stevenson, David | Sturgeon, Jeff | Sweet, Darrell K.  
T    TARKUS | Thompson, Ruth | Todd, George
V   Vallejo, Boris| Visconti-Tilley, Vicki | von Dongen, H. R.
W    Walker, Dixie L. | Whelan, MichaelWillems, DanielWilson, Eddie
Y    Yankovitch, Cathie
Z    Ziemianski, Dale
* denotes young "new" artist